boyhood review

The Oscar Tour: Boyhood

How can I describe Boyhood? For starters, there is no other movie quite like this one. At its core, Boyhood is a 12-year journey with a boy named Mason (played throughout his life by Ellar Coltrane). The audience watches Mason as he becomes a young man. As he grows up, Mason moves all over the country, deals with…
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the theory of everything

The Oscar Tour: The Theory Of Everything

My friend Emily and I have been going on what I call our “Oscar Tour” — seeing a majority of the Oscar-nominated films from this year. I was convinced the universe didn’t want me to see this movie. Emily and I eagerly bought our tickets for the film, but the projector in our theater inexplicably…
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The Legend Of Korra: Korra Alone Review

Season 4, Episode 2 This week’s episode made up for the severe lack of Korra in the season opener with an emotional Korra-centric episode. Like the title suggests, this episode is about our Avatar after she left for the South Pole to recover from her fight with the Red Lotus leader Zaheer. She’s definitely not…
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

In recent years, Marvel has gone where no other franchise has gone before: interwoven, high budget individual stories (movies and television) in one big Marvel “universe.”  At this point, Marvel’s spot as a powerhouse in the box office is relatively safe. And as a result, it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn…
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Sleepover: A Modern Masterpiece?

Terrible movies are up there on my list of favorite things, along with the sound of rainfall and a hot cup of tea. The sheer awfulness of poor filmmaking decisions snowballing out of control until it regurgitates itself onto your screen is something that fascinates me as both a viewer and a writer. One of…
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