About Media Girl

Media Girl here, known to some as Kayley Erlandson. I am a digital marketer in Fargo, ND with a M.A.  in Mass Communication.

I have a great passion for movies and television. When I was a teenager, I discovered the DVD section in our local library and made it my mission to watch as many Oscar-nominated films as I could. In my undergraduate and graduate programs, I studied and researched gender portrayals in media, which gave me additional discernment when it came to evaluating media.

I believe that people are like fish and culture is the water through which we swim. It surrounds us, sustains us, and we don’t realize it’s there until it’s taken away. I enjoy all types of popular culture and media, but I believe we also have to take an active role in what we’re consuming instead of blindly accepting things “as is.”

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